Degree in English Philology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She has worked in the cinema world as a cinematographic exhibitor in the cinemas of his town since 1986. Her professional career stands out for programming seasons of art films, European and educational cinema.

She has received several awards: “EURO KIDS CINEMA AWARD 2005” in Sweden, for the creation of European children’s educational programs or “EXPO CINE 2004” in Spain, for Best Local Businesswoman Exhibition. She is a promoter of the Catalan Circuit of Digital Cinema,¬† vice-president of the Society of Film Entrepreneurs of Spain since 2004 and, since 2005, director of “PICURT Mountain Film Festival of the Pyrenees”.

She has been a jury in Trento Mountain Film Festival in 2010 and Mostremp 2012, and has also been involved in many other  international Film Festivals. As an advocate of the cinematographic production in the Pyrenees, she has been promoting the anual production of mountain themed short movies since the beginning, and many of them have been awarded in Europe and Spain.