PICURT – Mostra de Cinema de Muntanya dels Pirineus is the mountain film festival of the Pyrenees, an annual event with mountain themed feature films, medium length-films, telefilms and short films from all over the world, organized by CEP Cultura i Entorn del Pirineu association.

The association, film distributor and production company, selects from around 150 films more than 50 works produced in about 20 countries.

A team of four people, many collaborators and up to 30 volunteers, is responsible of all the various tasks that PICURT requires, also preparing projections, workshops, a gastronomic exhibit, music, activities for kids, cultural exhibitions and other interesting assets to go with the festival.

Our guests are directors, actors and actresses, film critics who introduce their work and support the initiative as a different and unique experience that let them get away from the red carpet so they can interact with nature and people, spending time with different social sectors of all ages.

Since its inception, in 2006, PICURT is held in the Alt Urgell, specifically in Artedó and La Seu d’Urgell.