Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, 2016 // Italian w. spanish subt. // 81′


Wednesday 21st, 18h Room 1, Guiu Cinemas


Director, production, screenplay & editing: Giancarlo Bertalero, Filippo Ciardi / Photography: Filippo Ciardi / Music: Nicola Bellini

Whose are the Alps? Who regulates “life”, the people living there or the goods and passengers who pass through them? How many and what goods travel every day on trucks and trains through tunnels and mountain crossings, and how does this affect the daily lives of citizens of most of Europe and the natural environment? This film highlights the importance of these questions and seeks answers through a journey of its authors across the Alps, showing the complexity of the traffic of goods and people, along with some of the protagonists of these streams, which flow like rivers of water in a series of communicating vessels at the constant risk of overload.

2016 Best italian documentary at Cinemambiente Festival, Turin.